(Biotinylation Reagent)

B109   Biotinamidocaproylhydrazide
[ 109276-34-8 ]   f.w.: 371.5 daltons

Hydrazide LC biotin is a medium length, hydrazide activated biotinylation reagent for labeling glycoproteins and other carbohydrate containing compounds having oxidizable sugars or aldehydes.

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Spacer arm 24.7 angstroms. Carbohydrate reactive biotinylation reagent. Biotinylates oxidized sugars and glycoproteins with a six carbon spacer between biotin and the ligand alleviating steric hindrance. Purity > 95% by TLC. Soluble in methanol and water.

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•Biotin LC hydrazide biotinylates glycosylated proteins at sialic acid residues for detection or purification using streptavidin probes or resins

•Biotinylate and isolate cell surface glycoproteins

•Aldehyde reactive reacts with aldehydes formed by periodate oxidation of sugar groups

•Hydrazide activated perform reactions at pH 4 to 6 in buffers such as sodium acetate

•Biotin LC hydrazide is irreversible and forms semi-permanent hydrazone bonds; spacer arm cannot be cleaved

•Solubility-usually dissolved in DMSO before further dilution in aqueous buffers

•Spacer arm 24.7 angstroms