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Bolton Hunter SHPP

(Iodination Reagent)

I101   N-Succinimidyl-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propionate
[ 3407-95-9 ]   f.w.: 236.2 daltons

Bolton Hunter Reagent conjugates tyrosine like groups to end-terminal ?-amino groups or ?-amino groups of lysine to increase the number of tyrosyl groups that can be iodinated by iodine-125 labeling procedures. Radioactive iodine (iodine-125) is routinely used by researchers to label proteins. The iodination of proteins can be performed enzymatically or chemically. The Bolton-Hunter reagent is designed to aid the labeling of proteins with radioactive iodine.

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1gm $66.60
5gm + $314.50

Iodination reagent. Reacts with N-terminal amino groups at pH 8.5. Iodinate before or after coupling to molecule of interest. Purity > 90%.

  • Also known as water soluble Bolton Hunter reagent, sulfosuccinimidyl-3 -(4-hydroxypheynyl) propionate
  • Iodinate before or after coupling Sulfo SHPP to the molecule of interest
  • Useful for introducing tyrosyl groups on proteins sensitive to small amounts of organic solvent
  • Reacts with N-terminal amino groups at pH 8.5