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DTNB Ellman's Reagent

(Chromogenic Substrate)

CS106   5,5'-Dithio-bis ( 2-nitrobenzoic acid )
[ 69-78-3 ]   f.w.: 396.4 daltons

DTNB, Ellman's reagent, is a versatile, water soluble compound for quantifying free sulfhydryl groups in solution. It reacts with a free sulfhydryl group to yield a mixed disulfide and 2-nitro-5-thiobenzoic acid (NTB), a measurable yellow colored product at 412 nanometers.
Ellman's reagent is very useful as a free sulfhydryl assay reagent due to its high specificity for -SH groups at neutral pH, high molar extinction coefficient and short reaction time. DTNB is a yellow crystalline powder and used for the total determination of thiol groups in biological samples.

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•Used for the quantificaion of sulfhydryls in biological samples
•Water soluble
•Store at 2-8C