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(Derivatization Reagent)

DR112   4-Dimethylaminoazobenzene-4'-sulfonyl chloride
[ 56512-49-3 ]   f.w.: 323.8 daltons

Dabsyl chloride reacts with primary amines to enable precolumn derivatization and visible detection of amino acids in reverse phase HPLC.

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1gm $97.20
5gm + $459.00

Chromophoric label for amino acids, peptides and proteins.
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•Reacts with primary amines
•?max = 436nm
•Chromophoric label for amino acids, peptides and proteins
•Dabsyl chloride is used to analyze 10 to 30ng of protein hydrolyzates
•The chromophoric label is used to analyze peptides and the determination of C-terminal sequence of polypeptides
•Dabsyl chloride is used to analyze amino acid neurotransmitters in mouse brain