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(Protein Crosslinker heterobifunctional)

CL202   3-Maleimidobenzoyl-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester
[ 58626-38-3 ]   f.w.: 314.2 daltons

MBS is an amine to sulfhydryl crosslinker that contains NHS ester and maleimide reactive groups at opposite ends of a short aromatic spacer arm (7.3 angstroms).

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Spacer arm 9.9 angstroms. Heterobifunctional crosslinker. A crosslinker that is useful for conjugation of enzymes to antibodies, haptens to carrier proteins and toxins to antibodies. Purity > 95% by TLC. Soluble in DMSO and chloroform.

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•Water insoluble •Non-cleavable •Popular for forming enzyme immunoconjugates •Reactive groups: NHS ester and maleimide •Reactive towards: amino and sulfhydryl groups