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(Protein Crosslinker homobifunctional)

CL107   Disulfosuccinimidyltartrate
  f.w.: 548.3 daltons

Sulfo DST is a water soluble crosslinker that contains amine reactive NHS ester ends around a 4-atom spacer arm, whose central diol can be cleaved by periodate oxidation.

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Spacer arm 6.4 angstroms. Homobifunctional reagent. Sulfo DST is the water soluble analog of DST. Sulfo DST is periodate cleaveable and offers reaction conditions similar to DST.

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  • DST is soluble in water and DMSO
  • Cleavable by sodium meta-periodate
  • Ideal for applications in which crosslinking cleavability is desired without disturbing protein S-S bonds
  • Reactive groups: NHS ester (homobifunctional)
  • Reactive toward: amino groups