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(Protein Modifier)

M105   2-(2'-Nitrophenylsulfenyl)-3-methyl-3-bromoinolenine
[ 27933-36-4 ]   f.w.: 363.2 daltons

BNPS Skatole is a mild oxidant and brominating reagent that cleaves proteins on the C-terminal side of tryptophan residues. BNPS Skatole is soluble in acetone or chloroform, yielding a clear bright yellow solution. BNPS Skatole has been used to cleave peptide bonds after amino acids with available C?-C? double bonds, as in tryptophan. The resulting C-terminal lactones can be attached to amino containing compounds or supports.

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Cleaves tryptophan residues. The amino acid sequence of cytotoxin mitogillan was determined with peptide fragments produced by BNPS SKATOLE> Purity ca. 90%.

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